Sustainability at a glance

Daibochi Group is committed towards building a sustainable business and conducting our operations as a responsible corporate citizen.

In line with the vision of our parent company to grow its community for a better tomorrow, we too recognise the pivotal role of our stakeholders including but not limited to employees, suppliers, customers and regulators contributing to the Group’s long-term growth. Hence, our commitment to sustainability is essential for the development of our business.

Sustainability Governance

The Board sets the tone and steers a strong sustainability culture whilst Management ensures that ethical, social values and good environmental practices are cascaded throughout the entire organisation.
Key Sustainability Topics
In FY2020, our sustainability mainframe outlines 4 key sustainability topics which are deemed to be most material to our business, bearing on the Group’s overall economic, environmental and social impact as well as the significance to our stakeholders.

The aforesaid 4 key sustainability topics have been aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which are most pertinent to our operations as follows:

1. Product Innovation
As awareness on the impact of plastics on the environment grows amongst consumer groups, it is increasingly important for us to remain focus on developments of sustainable flexible plastic packaging solutions as well as other innovative products to fulfil consumer preferences and for the long-term preservation of the environment.
2. Waste Management
Daibochi endeavours to conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner by adopting environmental best practices in our production process. Our ISO 14001 environmental management certification signifies our commitment to minimise the impact on the environment and conserve natural resources.

Wastes from our production plants are managed and disposed effectively in accordance with the relevant country-level laws and regulations in terms of its transportation, storage and disposal.We seek to keep waste to a minimum within our production process. Frequent briefings and meetings are held by Management with the production team to continuously instil waste management awareness.

3. Occupational Safety and Health
Creating a healthy and safe environment for our employees, contractors, service providers, customers and visitors to our manufacturing facilities remains a priority and this is manifested in Daibochi’s Safety and Health Policy.

Our Safety and Health Committee (“SH Committee”) is entrusted with cultivating safe workplace practices which encompass measures including but not limited to developing and administering safety policies, annual site safety audits and compliance check.

4. Local Communities
As a responsible corporate citizen, we support the betterment of the local communities by contributing towards socio-economic development and environmental conservation which include providing employment opportunities for the locals as well as contributions to the poor and needy group within the community. Internally, the Group also supports green activities and environmental conservation efforts which participated by its employees.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the global economy, people and businesses worldwide. Throughout the crisis, our primary focus has been to safeguard the health and safety of our employees as well as maintain continuity of the Group’s business/operations to meet customers’ needs and support the requirements imposed by the Government and local authorities during the various stages of lockdown.

The Group has undertaken several initiatives to safeguard the welfare of its employees during the pandemic as well as played its role as a corporate citizen in contributing in-kind donations to the Melaka State Government and the frontliners.

Our sustainability journey is one that will progress and evolve as we face a shifting landscape of challenges, opportunities and circumstances. What will never change is our commitment towards upholding the highest standards of sustainable practices to ensure a better and brighter tomorrow for all.

Click here to view and download the Annual Report 2021 and read the full version of our latest sustainability statement.

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